Utah Symphony: Elena Schwarz – Scheherazade at Abravanel Hall

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Abravanel Hall | Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah Symphony

Utah Symphony: Elena Schwarz - Scheherazade has devoted followers who love music and live for a dynamic atmosphere when they hear them on tour. They (and you) have the chance to a great night in what is being called an unforgettable tour and audience. Utah Symphony: Elena Schwarz - Scheherazade is on the road right now and you can't miss out on this chance to see the performance in an awesome show with the biggest tracks and some new favorites thrown in for added measure. On Friday 17th May 2024, Utah Symphony: Elena Schwarz - Scheherazade will perform at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City and if you are in Utah, then come on down and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime show by one of the top in the game! Reserve your place and buy tickets for this May ASAP. Click our 'get tickets' button now and claim yours!

Many concert-goers say that the greatest audiences go to the stunning Abravanel Hall when they want to catch their favorite artists live! If you read the rave reviews about the Salt Lake City arena, then you will see why. Not only is the Abravanel Hall one of the most popular venues in Utah, but it also rates highly with several magazines and online lists. The secret lies in the venues convenient location and all the benefits and perks available only to audience members. From the moment you arrive, you know you can expect an enjoyable and relaxed experience, as there are several safe and secure parking options within two or three blocks from the front door. You can’t go wrong by getting tickets for any upcoming Abravanel Hall event.

Utah Symphony at Abravanel Hall

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